About DME Express

DME Express focuses exclusively on hospice and nursing facility customers.

Mission Statement

DME Express is committed to always be available to our patients with high quality medical equipment and unmatched customer service.


DME Express was founded 10 years ago to fulfill its mission of providing hospices and nursing facilities with the highest quality equipment, at the lowest price, whenever they need it. The founders and managers of DME Express have over 100 years of hospice and nursing facility experience and understand the unique needs of hospices and nursing facilities. Since 2005, DME Express has expanded to become the largest and best DME provider in every market within our 8 state service area (See Locations). With over 20 warehouses and 90 delivery technicians, DME Express is the provider of choice by nearly every hospice in the markets we serve.


DME Express has been accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) since the last decade. ACHC was established in 1985 by home care providers and currently offers 3 CMS approved accreditation programs for Hospice, Home Health and DMEPOS.


Why Choose DME Express?

One of the challenges of working with most DME providers, is that they save their “newest and best” equipment for traditional Medicare home patients, leaving their “oldest and worst” equipment for their hospice and nursing home customers. DME Express focuses “exclusively” on hospices and nursing facilities, ensuring that these customers get the “newest and best” equipment.

Another challenge with most DME providers is that most are small operators that lack the financial resources to stock an adequate “excess” supply of equipment to fulfill unpredictable last minute orders from high volume hospice and nursing facility operators. With over 100,000 square feet of warehouse space and over $20 million of inventory, DME Express stocks ample excess equipment to fulfill any order, of any size, at any time from its hospice and nursing facility customers.

Another frustration with most DME providers is that they are unwilling accommodate after hours and weekend deliveries without charging an after hours delivery fee. Because last minute orders and after hours deliveries are common for our hospice and nursing facility customers, DME Express never charges a delivery or pickup fee for last minute orders regardless of the time day or night, weekend or holiday. With over 20 warehouses and 90 delivery technicians, DME Express has the ability to fulfill orders more quickly than any other provider in our multi-state service area.

Finally, DME Express purchases larger volumes of equipment than any other DME provider servicing hospices and nursing facilities in our service area. Our large purchasing volume give us access to lower pricing that we are able to pass on to our customers in the form of the lowest pricing of any DME provider in our multi-state service area.